HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

I'm back with the old girlfriend...

I had to take Bad Wolf into the Apple store today. He had developed a high pitched whine. Even in the relatively crowded store, when I opened him up and then opened a program, the genius bar guy could hear it. That was nice! Usually when you go in you can't replicate your problem to save your life. I've also randomly had some weird screen pixilations going on, but I knew for sure I wouldn't be able to replicate that. Luckily I had some pictures I'd taken of the screen when it had happened previously so I could show him those.
Genius dude suspects that it may be the logic board. It's all still under warranty though. So no charge, just have to be without him for a few days. *sigh*
I'm back on Chiana for now.
I think it might be bedtime.
Tags: bad wolf, chiana, mac

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