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Vegas, baby

My Twitter feed is full of people already in Vegas, or busy packing for Vegas!

Looks like a lot of people are flying in tomorrow. If I was going to any NME panels that would make sense for me, but since I'm mostly going for the concert and to meet people Thursday is good enough. :)

But now that it is only a day and a half away I'm starting to get pretty excited!

And Bad Wolf is nice and quiet again so I'll survive the flight. I just need to figure out what movies I want to bring to watch on the flight, and also in the airport when I get in. I'll be hanging out there for about 2.5 to 3 hours waiting for scubagrrl's flight and then we'll head to the time share to check in.

As the trip grows closer I'm realizing just how ironic it is that I'm going to my first NME right at the time in my life when I listen to the fewest podcasts I ever have since starting to listen. That's mostly just a side effect of not having a 40 hour a week desk job. My commute is about 10 minutes shorter and that's about the only time I have to listen.
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