HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Where are the hookers & blow?

Well, I'm here in Vegas sitting on the floor in a corner of McCarron Airport's baggage claim.
Hooray for free wi-fi!
I have 'bout an hour and a half until scubagrrl's flight gets in. I had an overpriced mediocre breakfast.
Turns out that cajones & I were on the same flight out. He thought I was flying in later than him so since he had to be at the airport ungodly early he didn't try to hunt for a ride. If I had known hellbob & I could have easily picked him up!!!

I have a new haircut! It had literally been years since I had my hair cut. One of those things where the longer it had gone the easier it was to keep putting off. It's kind of nice to not have split ends. :) It's a titch shorter in back than I would have preferred, but when you've got years worth of split ends you gotta do what you gotta do. It is also freshly burgandy-colored. The girl who cut my hair (Addie, at Salon on the Edge. She was AWESOME!) said she'd never had a customer before who's husband would color their hair for them. LOL
I figured if I'm going to be meeting a bunch of friends in real life for the first time I should probably clean up a little. *grin*

Well, gonna throw in a DVD now to kill time. See y'all later.

WTF? Why were comments turned off? I NEVER do that!
Tags: nme, peeps, vegas

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