HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Vegas was mostly awesome...

Northwest Airlines can go fuck themselves and the goddamn horse they rode in on!!!

I was running late. Yes, my fault. I was enjoying the company of the peeps I was with so left at the last possible minute. Then the monorail was slower than I expected, and there was a line for cabs at MGM. I got to the airport at about 45-50 minutes before my flight time. Shouldn't have been an issue. I was already checked in, I just didn't have my boarding pass printed yet, and there are nifty little kiosks for that. Yes, they recommend being at the airport 1.5 to 2 hours before your flight, but it's not required.
When I checked in, this is what the page said:
Check-in advisory page.
So even arriving at the airport late I still had over 1/2 hour to get to my gate. And at midnight there are no lines!
The kiosk wouldn't let me print my boarding pass. There were 2 other people there in the same boat. We ran to the gate anyway to see what we could do because there were NO Northwest employees at the ticketing counters.
We got sent from here to there to there only to find a NWA employee who told us that we couldn't print boarding passes because you have to be here 1 hour before the flight. When we told her that when we checked in online it said 15 minutes she basically said we were lying!
Next flight: 9:15 am. Grrrr.
So I called Hellbob and cried at him for a while. He hopped on the NWA site and got me checked in for the 9:15 site so I would know for sure I was on it. He also sent me screen shots of everything the webpages said.
Guidelines.pdf (1 page)
Again, required time is be on board 15 minutes before departure. But here we have a recommended arrival time at the airport of 75 minutes before flight. Still no mention of required to be here 1 hour before.
Oh no, to find that out you have to go to the FAQ:
Guidelines.pdf (1 page)
There you find that for Las Vegas the requirement really is 1 hour. But they can still fuck themselves! I was checked in more than 1 hour before!! I was checked in 12 mother-fucking hours before my flight!!! I just didn't have a boarding pass printed!!! Because they said I could print it AT THE GOD-DAMN AIRPORT!!!
So, I'm here at the nice quite peaceful empty airport at 3:00 am. Gonna try to get a few hours sleep. Then as soon as there's someone here to check my bag I'll get that done and go into the gate area to nap some more.
I'm mad at myself, but I'm more mad at NWA!

But, until then, I was having a totally awesome time!!
LJ & podcast peeps that I got to meet for the very first time in person: Brian Ibbott & his lovely wife Tina, Tabz (aka sl_podcast), spellwight, Evo Terra & his wife Sheila, Jack Mangan, Len Peralta, Philippa Ballentine, Tee Morris, and I know I'm forgetting people (Hey, it's 3:15 am. Of course I'm forgetting people!!!) And not meeting him for the first time, but also there was johnboze. I also hung out with scubagrrl the whole time, of course, and we hung out with cajones a lot. It was a weird surreal twist because unlike the way it usually is with him, this time he didn't know anyone except me, and I was the one who knew a ton of people and was introducing him!
Brian is super awesome in person.

And there was also much JoCo this weekend.
JoCo hug count: at least 5 6. I saw him here at the airport about an hour and change ago. I accused him of stalking me. :)
Beers JoCo bought me: 1.
Checks written to JoCo by me for merch: 1.
Checks written to JoCo by me that he ripped up: 1. Bought the PAX DVD and he wouldn't let me pay for it!

And the concert: Awesome!!! When we got in right as the doors opened, JoCo was kind of overwhelmed at his merch table getting it set up so I asked if I needed a merch minion. He was mostly hanging out so I just ran the credit cards while he signed things for people.
During the concert I took many many pictures. Fewer of Jonathan than all the others because I have so many with better lighting and cooler looking stage.
After the concert said goodbye. Didn't expect to see him again. But today after walking scubagrrl & cajones to catch their cab to the airport I was headed back to Quark's bar and saw him sitting at the Space Quest bar by himself. He waved so I joined him and we chatted a while. Then people started gathering by us, and he left for the Star Trek ride with Len. That's the last I saw of him. I assume he survived the Borg attack...

Arg. Very tired now. I'll write more about the NME & stuff tomorrow when I'm in the comfort of my own home!
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