HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Random thoughts

It was very nice to sleep in my own bed last night. Hell, it was just plain nice to sleep in a bed.
The floor of McCarran airport curled up with my arms through my luggage straps with shoes & a t-shirt for a pillow and a skirt for a blanket is really not the most comfortable way to sleep! LOL.
Since there were NO NWA employees at the airport overnight, I couldn't check my bag until about 7 am. On a funny note, wandering the ticketing counter area in the wee hours of the morning led to my final JoCo encounter of the weekend. I accused him of stalking me. He asked what happened to my 1 am flight. Then he expressed a lot of sympathy over my bad night. He's such a nice guy. I ♥ JoCo.

There was a new roof on my house when I got home. Looks pretty spiffy. Not sure how long until we get the new siding...

According to Hellbob, there are skunks in our neighborhood! When he was sitting out on the front step having a drink & a cigar one of the nights I was gone, a skunk came wandering across the yard! Skunks in Crystal? Who'da thunk?

Right now there is a super cool spider web across our back door step. It is built from the railing across the step to the garbage can. It's one of those cool round ones that looks like spider web drawings look. I'm going to tell Hellbob to take the front door out tomorrow so I can try to get a good picture of it before I have to destroy it when I drag the garbage can to the curb tomorrow. Cool web, but a silly place to build it! I took a picture w/my point & shoot and you can kind of see it. But it's not a great pic since it's nighttime.

The spider is not really as large as this picture makes him look:

I thought I had more to say, but again I am too tired to think of it.

Goodnight everyone!

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