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Just to clarify, in my previous post I wasn't agreeing that the random raids and warrantless searches were justified by the raid & searchs that did lead to arrests and seizure of riot paraphernalia.

I had just only been seeing posts that were outcries against all the raids. No one was really commenting about the fact that some of them really were valid.
I think it's awful that some houses were raided just because they were "hippie houses." And that bus that was pulled over and impounded? In no way was that justified. Our police need to be held to the same laws we are. They need to follow the Constitution. They are here to protect and to serve.

Today's protest was a mixed bag, from what I've seen and heard. There were an estimated 10,000 protesters. And out of that 10,000, there were 9,717 peaceful protesters. A couple hundred protestors broke off from the march and started to riot. They set at least one fire. They broke windows. They slashed car tires. One of the delegate buses had a brick thrown through the window.

Everyone has the right to protest. Property destruction is not a right.

I was nowhere near St. Paul today. I didn't see any riots. The closest I saw to any violence today was this:

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