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A quick update of the last week

Last weekend we went to the Foley's house and I got to induct them into the cult of Killer Bunnies! as well as teaching hellbob to play also. We played a game of trivial pursuit too, and I discovered that I suffer from Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome. I knew I had this, I just didn't know it had a name. It basically just means that when exposed to bright light you sneeze.
Penn, of Penn & Teller has a koi pond at his house that is in the shape of a Goldfish cracker.
The semester is almost over. I've got a couple layouts to do, and a few things for color theory, but I am mostly done with everything.
Thanksgiving at Aunt Pats was the same as usual. Lots of good food. The gravy wasn't quite as good as in past years though... One thing really annoyed me that I didn't realize until we were at Rick's sister's house later that night. I hadn't seen most of these people since last Christmas, yet not a single one commented on the fact that I've lost 40 pounds. For crying out loud! It's not like I lost 5 pounds and expected them to notice! Yes, I am still overweight, but 40 pounds is a pretty dramatic difference, but not one person said anything! Stupid relatives!
Friday I drove hellbob into work and then headed to Best Buy. Tomorrow they will be delivering a 52" HDTV widescreen TV. We have 18 months to finish paying it off to avoid finance charges. It is chebutykin's fault, since she wants to take her entertainment center and her tv with her when she moves!
Then I went home and napped before heading over to wiredferret silmarian's place for FATT. Mmmm. More turkey! Lots of good food & company. More Killer Bunnies. I was accused of looking like genevra. Bleah. We don't look alike! I got both the looks and the brains in the family!
Saturday was mostly lazy, until I realized that the headache was due to a lack of caffeine. Grrrrrrrrr. Really, really must fight that addiction soon! Did manage to finish the mountain o' laundry though. Too bad it still needs folding!
Today was family pictures & Grandpa's 80th birthday at the Phipps Inn in Hudson, WI. The orders were to be there by 1:00 sharp for photos, so they would be done by 2:00 when the open house started. Of course, this didn't happen. Poor Janet was so stressed, because everyone pretty much ignored the email she sent out of times & groupings. People weren't there on time, and of course Aunt Margie had a list of a ton of different groupings that she wanted, like her with her grandkids, that she hadn't bothered to inform Janet of. I got to be Janet's assistant and help pose people and round them up when they wandered off. This only helped to reinforce my dislike of taking portraits. Nature is so much better behaved! As soon as the last pictures were taken we ran.
And that's been my last week.
Finally saw Finding Nemo! It was cute!
I don't want to go to work tomorrow!!!!!

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