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Supernatural live reaction post

OK, same drill as usual.
I'm watching the season premier of Supernatural, and my thoughts, ramblings and reactions are here under the cut.

~Dean! Alive!

~Whoa. Digging yourself out of a grave has to really suck!

~The knocked down trees is cool

~Awww. Poor scratchy voiced Dean

~He does look damn good for someone who was dead!

~September. But I don't remember what month it was that he died.

~eeep! Burned handprint

~...and he goes for the food.

~And the PORN!!! LOL!

~hee hee. And thinks of the money last. I love my Dean!

~demon appliances!

~Sam's number has been disconnected. :(

~Bobby doesn't believe him. But then again, who can blame him?

~It's no Metallicar



~ha! Face full of holy water.

~ok, 4 months

~"as far as I know..." Oh Sammy!

~Wedge Antilles. hee hee!

~It's Sammy!!!!!

~Yes Dean, you do look fantastic!

~"So, are you guys together?" And we have the first gay reference of the season. LOL

~Sammy is adorable in that white shirt.

~LOL, and he doesn't even know her name.

~Hmm. Sam didn't do it...

~"You're some demon's bitch-boy?" No Dean, he's your bitch-boy. :)

~Poor Sam. The guilt has just been eating him up.

~Of course Dean's hungry.

~Aaaaawwwwwww. The necklace. Sammy was wearing Dean's necklace.

~No! Don't let Dean remember all the horrors.


~Sam put in an iPod jack! hee hee!

~Yeah, you know that Sam would be playing music that Dean wouldn't approve of.

~The boys like the pretty psychic chick.

~Damn, she has some nice arms!

~And Dean's scoping out the tramp stamp!

~Mmmm. Sam, Dean, and hot chick. That would be a fun party. And LOL at Dean uninviting Sam.

~Ick! Hot chick's not so hot anymore.

~Eeep! Restaurant full of demons!

~LOLOLOLOL!!!! "I like to think it's because of my perky nipples" I ♥ you Dean!!!

~Oooh, the demons won't do anything to him.

~"The smarter brother's back in town."

~Mmmmm. Dean in a hotel room w/a mirror on the ceiling. Me like!

~OK, mirror on ceiling not so sexy now...

~How can Dean believe that Sam really is just going for a burger?

~Possessed people are dead.

~Oooh, more missing eyes.

~Damn good fighter for a chick with no eyes.


~New body for Ruby? Not sure I like this one.

~Yes Bobby, it is a bad idea.

~Something big is headed toward them!

~I half expected it to be Papa Winchester

~The guns did nothing. The knife did nothing.

~He better have just knocked Bobby out and not really hurt him!

~An angel? Huh. Didn't see that coming.

~Dean believes in demons but not angels?

~That wing effect was damn cool!

~hee hee! Holy tax accountant.

OK, this was a darn good return for the show.

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