HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Supernatural night!

Thursday nite. Time for another live reaction post as I watch Supernatural.

~The title made me giggle!

~heh. Groped by an angel!

~Dean, you're just going to have to accept it.

~Why you Dean? Because God knows pretty when he sees it!!!!

~Pie! And now chips. Hungry Dean!

~LOL! He forgot Dean's pie

~Uh oh. Somethings hunting the hunters.


~And dead guy blames Sam & Dean for his deadness.

~So who's going to haunt Bobby?

~Bouncy ball?

~Do we know who those girls are?

~They better not have killed Bobby!!

~OMG! That's Meg!

~Being awake while a demon possesses you would be hell!

~Same brand on her hand that Henrickson had.

~Yay! Sammy saved Bobby!

~Bobby's basement in kind of creepy

~"You built a panic room?" "I had a weekend off."

~Oooh, nice little bit of Dean Tongue Action riht after he calls Bobby awesome.

~Apocalypse. Eek!

~Road Trip! "Grand Canyon, Star Trek Experience, Bunny Ranch." Yeah, Dean's got his priorities! Poor guy doesn't know that the Star Trek Experience is closed. :(

~Meg does have a point. Ruby is inhabiting innocent bodies.

~Damn. Of course Lilith tortured them. Especially the virgin.

~Pretty blue flames

~Is Bobby OK?

~Aw. Why do the boys sleep with their shirts on? *pout* It's just not right!

~It's the Traveling Salesman Angel again.

~Only Dean would call an angel a dick!

~"If you say 'mysterious ways' so help me I will kick your ass!"

~66 seals. Guess I know what they're doing this season.


Turns out that it's a lot harder to watch the ep and do the live reaction when hellbob is in the living room because I also have to explain stuff to him.

Tags: live, live reaction post, pretty boys, spn, tv

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