HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Time for the pretty boys!!

Yes boys and girls, it's time for another "My reactions as I watch the pretty boys on Supernatural" post!

~ Crap, I accidentally read some of the episode info when I was picking the episode to play. Grr. At least it's just getting spoiled right before watching and not really far ahead of time.

~I bet Sammy is running off to play w/Ruby


~Obligatory super-short Castiel appearance

~Unfortunately due to reading the episode info I know where Dean is. :(

~No Dean, you're not going to get a signal.

~*giggle* Tab ad!

~Sonny & Cher broke up?

~And now we know where/when Dean is. April 30, 1973

~It's his daddy!

~OK Dean, you should know that if you take your eyes off an angel, he will disappear!

~VW Van? No! Metallicar!

~LOLOLOL! Dean VanHalen.

~Dean's fishing to see if his dad's a hunter yet.


~"Sammy, where ever you are... Mom is a babe. I'm goin' to Hell. Again." Oh Dean, I love you!

~Damn! Mom can kick some ass!

~Woah. Mom's a hunter! Didn't see that coming!

~"We're practically family."

~Awww. Grandpa's name is Samuel.

~Awww. And Grandma is Deanna.

~Dean was named after a girl!!!! LOL

~They have to wait for to get stuff by mail!

~Grandpa Samuel is a preacher.

~Oooh, it's hot hot hot preacher Dean!!!!!!!! Yeah, it's probably a good thing I don't believe in Hell or I'd be headed there. :)

~Stranger showed up. Offered to stop the beatings. Dad is dead. Yup, he's a demon.

~Damn! It's the yellow-eyed demon.

~His dad can see the future... Nice save Dean.

~Aww. John is sweet, kind, still believes in happily ever after.

~Damn, He's everything a hunter isn't. We all know that will change.

~She wants to have a family and be safe. *sob*

~Doesn't want her kids raised into this life. *sob*sob*sob*

~He's trying to save her. Nov 2nd, 1983 - don't get out of bed.

~It's so wrong to see him driving a different car.

~"God's my co-pilot, is that it?" *snort*

~Poor Dean. He wants to save his parents even if it means everyone else he ever saved won't be saved.

~He's stealing the Colt!

~They think killing a demon is impossible.

~"Is this some female month kind of thing?"

~It's old yellow-eyes...

~Wait a minute! YED says he'll be here for something in 10 years. It's 1973, he kills Momma Winchester in 1983. My thought right now is that she will be trading her soul to save either her dad or John.

~Samuel says he was wrong about Dean. Awww.

~He's gonna tell Samuel the truth!

~Oh no! YED is in grandpa!

~Yup, Dean has friends in high places.

~"Oooh, are you one of my psychic kids?"

~He doesn't want their souls, just their children.

~OMG! He killed Deanna, and he stabbed himself.

~Wait a minute! He killed John?!?! Nooooooo

~Kiss and make up. Now that's creepy!

~Looks like I was right about her making a deal to save John.

~Creepiest kiss ever!

~And here's Castiel to take Dean back to the present.

~He couldn't change anything.

~Castiel knew he wouldn't be able to change anything. Why did he put him through it?

~Sammy's not back yet.

~The dangerous road Sam is headed down must be the Ruby thing.

Overall a good episode. I liked learning more of the backstory of the boys family and the YED.

Tags: live reaction post, pretty boys, spn, tv

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