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I was promised a vocal orgasm...

I gave kalfoley a call last nite before heading out to the Terminal Bar and she was up for going to see a band she'd never heard of so we made our plans to meet up there. Then when we walked in I saw ninja_tech! She'd decided last minute to come meet up with me and check out Sunspot too! Yay! I went from going to the concert by myself to having 2 friends to hang out with. :)

kalfoley & I had completely missed the first band, Skittish. ninja_tech said they were good, and I'd liked what I'd heard of them online. Oh well, that wasn't who I was there to see.

As we made our way up to find a spot near the stage I saw SunspotWendy who gave me a hug. I introduced her to the "Sunspot virgins" I'd brought with me. We got settled into a table right near the stage and chatted until the next band started.

This was a band that I'd also never heard of, Mass Drastic. They were really good! We all liked them and really liked the lead singer's voice. Unfortunately they don't have a CD yet, so I couldn't buy one. :( Since they are local I plan on going to see them play again sometime soon.

Mass Drastic:

After some more time getting to chat with kalfoley & ninja_tech, it was time for Sunspot to take the stage!!!

They had it cranked to eleven! They started the set with Prozac Girl. Not even halfway through the song Ninja leaned over to me and said, "Yeah, I'm gonna like these guys." Yay! KalFoley also liked them right off the bat. Yay!

To the best of my recollection, these are the songs they played:
(but not necessarily in this order)
Prozac Girl
Summer Day
More Than My Degree
Sweet Relief
My Own Worst Enemy
Scott Bakula

It seems like there should be more than that but I just can't think of them right now.

Ben & Mike:


You can find a few more pictures in my gallery

After Sunspot was done we decided we should hang out and check out the last band. While Ninja & KalFoley were out smoking, one of the band members had told them to expect a "vocal orgasm." Well... They started playing and while the music wasn't bad, the lead singer just wasn't that good. I don't know if it was because he wasn't entirely sober, or if he's always not that good. Also, they had a guy on stage in a penguin suit. Not singing or playing an instrument or anything. Just up there jumping around. Weird!
(Yes, I know, I didn't name the band. I wasn't there to see them, so there's no point in totally trashing a band I'd never even heard of.)

So we moved to the back of the bar where the music wasn't so loud so we could talk. *edit* OMG! Ninja reminded me in the comments of their oh so awesome song lyrics. "Fucking Deanna in her vagina." Yes people, it was totally as awesome as it sounds. It was at this point where I made a comment about the vocal orgasm that Ninja insisted that I remember to post online:
They promised a vocal orgasm. This is more like when you fake it to get them to finish and roll off of you.

When they finally were done, we were hanging out chatting w/SunspotMike. He'd set his iPhone on the stage and couldn't find it, so I gave him my cell to call it with as he walked around listening for the ring. He found it! Also, I promised to stalk him now that I have his phone number. :P Anyhow, when he came back with his phone I was telling how EXTREMELY JEALOUS I was that he'd gotten to see Patrick Stewart & David Tennant do Hamlet when he was in England. This led to us Doctor Who geeking and he showed of the pictures he had on his phone from the Doctor Who Exhibit in Cardiff. So cool! Moose has been there too. I want to go.

When SunspotBen dragged him off to help with hauling their equipment, KalFoley bought a Sunspot CD and we got ready to go. After we got everyone to sign it for her we headed out the back door. SunspotMike was out there and so we started talking some more. He's soooo "one of us!" Our geeky conversation ran the gamut from D&D to Star Trek to GenCon to CONvergence to Alan Moore to Neil Gaiman to Doctor Who/Torchwood to sci-fi porn (Flesh Gordon). (Although not necessarily in that order.) We were talking for a good half hour at least. SunspotWendy was also out there by the time we left so we said goodbye to her again, and then all headed to my car. Since I was parked the closest I dropped the other two girls off at their cars and headed on home. Got home a little after 3:00 and curled up next to a nice warm hellbob.
All in all, it was a really great nite!


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Oct. 5th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'd say that was a very good summation of the night's events. It was a really great time! I told floppycorpse (aka Nailz) all about it this morning, including about the "Fucking Deanna in her vagina" song. She cringed. I also informed her of the creepy clown collection on the wall of the bar. >__<

Speaking of fucking...may I ask what the "goat-fucking" tag is for? *laughs*
Oct. 5th, 2008 08:07 pm (UTC)
You missed the goat-fucking last night? LOL!
Actually, the tag comes from this post: http://hellziggy.livejournal.com/486376.html back during one of LJ's censorship kerfluffles. And it amused me, so I randomly throw it on things when I think of it!

And I can't believe I forgot to mention the "Fucking Deanna in her vagina" song! Must. Go. Edit.
Oct. 9th, 2008 05:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the kind words!
Hi, there...This is Jim, the drummer from Mass Drastic. I just wanted to say thanks for coming out, and thanks for the compliments! I know I speak for us all when I say I'm appreciative that you gave us a listen. We're pretty new on the scene, but we've all logged a lot of miles with bands before, and good impressions like yours really help us spread the word!

I, too, was excited as hell to see Sunspot, as evidenced by the big, goofy smile on my face in the audience in that pic of Ben and Mike. I was in a Milwaukee-based band for almost 10 years before moving to the twin cities, and we played with Sunspot dozens of times. I'm definitely a fan. In fact, the little circle of light on my pocket in that shot is a Sunspot "10 Year Anniversary" button! They're just so great, and they make me feel like a kid again, just like when we used to gig with them ages ago. Love those guys and their music. Hope we get to share a stage with them again soon!

Anyway, thanks again for coming out, and getting into our stuff! We play around the cities with decent regularity, and we'd love to see you again! Check out our schedule at MassDrastic.com, and introduce yourself when you make it out next!

Take Care,
Jim, Drummer,
Mass Drastic.
Oct. 10th, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the kind words!
Hi Jim! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you guys again.
BTW, I met your mom. She was a sweetheart! :)
Oct. 13th, 2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
Jim's Mom here
Thank you for the kind words. Jim's Dad and I also enjoyed the evening. Loved your shoes! Later, Joni
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