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Now is the time when I make you people jealous...

Hey, notmonochrome, I bought Monkey Socks tonight at Target!
Hey, minervacat, hellbob & I will be in the 2nd row for Mason Jennings's February concert at the State Theater!

Layout homework is mostly done. I can finish it in tomorrow nights class since it will be a work session!
New tv is freaking gigantic! And yes, size does matter!
I have tickets to see Martin Zellar at O'Gara's in a week & a half!
I went to El Loro for dinner with hellbob, chebutykin, and cajones. The service was excellent, as was the food!
The Mazda is gone, so the Saturn can sleep in the garage now! No more window scrapin' in the mornings for me!
Chiana has not had a nervous breakdown since determining that the RAM was not seated properly!
Many, many good things in life right now!
I am going to go to bed now and snuggle up to a hellbob!

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