HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Supernatural live reaction post

Watching the pretty boys...

~Badass Sammy!

~I think he liked that a little too much...

~...and now Dean knows.

~And Dean is pissed!

~Huh. I thinks that's the same hotel room as last weeks' episode.

~Holy crap! Dean's hitting his Sammy!

~Saving the humans does seem like a good arguement

~"If I didn't know you, I would want to hunt you." damn.

~Poor Dean w/those tears in his eyes. I just wanna hug him.

~Those eating noises are DISGUSTING!

~He must be possessed by something.

~Your skin doing that can never be a good thing...

~*chuckle* still laughing about Dean's "Mom's hot. I'm going to hell" line

~Of course Dean probably won't think it's weird that someone eats that much!

~Hee hee! Sammy was a mathlete!

~Aroogaroo? Yes Dean, it does sound made up!

~Dean's never heard "long pig"?

~Dude. That chick is so out of your league!

~Sam & Dean don't already have flamethrowers?

~LOL! He keeps his research under his mattress with his KY.

~Meh. The monster part of the story is boring me this week. More Winchesters please!

~And now it's time for the boys to argue.

~Dean is soooo loving that 'long pig' phrase!

~The boys shoulda known he wouldn't believe them.

~Hee hee! they break in w/flame-throwers ready. And then run off.

~Ah. Travis isn't willing to take the chance that the guy will not eat anyone.

~Oh crap. She's knocked up!

~Hulk smash!

~Yummy, long pig!

~Boys! If Travis is dead, Jack is there somewhere!

~See! I told ya!!!

~And Sammy's the one that kills him.

~Time for a chick-flick moment?

~Sam says he's done w/power. I'm betting it doesn't stick.

Tags: live reaction post, pretty boys, spn, tv

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