HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

The List

vorrant posted the complete 150 item list, so here it is under the cut with the items my team successfully acquired in bold:

three wick candle
1 square foot of rigid insulation 4" thick
1/8th oz. bottle of Tabasco
1999 penny
5" floppy disc
6" wide paint brush
8 gold medals
A 110 film camera
Baseball card with a prime number stat on it
a beverage for your judges

Bottle with sand art
Genre chess set
Head on a platter
Jack o lantern
Mandlebrot set

Parker Brothers Merlin Game
Picture of dogs playing cards bonus if on velvet
A Truncated icosahedron
Raw unbroken egg in a baggie

Rubber raft
A Scout in uniform

A Star Wars exhibit ticket bonus for 2pm on 8/17
Steam engine
Taxidermied animal
TSA prohibited item What? Swords aren't allowed on planes?
Vilification Tennis trading card - We had a Vil member on our team but she didn't have any trading cards!
Weather balloon
Eight ball

Inflated balloon animal
Ian Fleming Bond Book

Apples to Apples from Mattel(Not the Out of The Box version)
ASL interpreter
Bar of soap
Batman Strikes comic bonus if signed by creator
We had an issue of the comic with the original comic art signed by the artist. Luckily we had a team member willing to sleep with the artist. Makes it much easier to get such things! ;)
Book in braille
Bridge to nowhere
Camoflaged USB drive

Catbus doll
Cereal box with toy inside
Chocolate covered bacon

Coffee crisp bar
Completed Indiana Jones Lego set
Completed origami
Concealed carry permit
Copy of Mad magazine
Copy of Bloomington city fire code

Croquet set
Custom drawn Munchin card
DDR pad
Deleware state quarter
Economics text book

Ehrlemyer flask
Elementary class photo including team member
Extruded plastic animal from como zoo
First generation iPod
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Full length 4th Doctor Scarf
Globe 1 point per inch diameter 50 extra if opens into bar
Golden compass pez
Googly eyes bonus if attached to novelty item
Hard Drive smaller than 1 GB
Heroes graphic novel
Highlghts magazine
I Voted sticker
Iron Man comic book

Ticket from Theatre de la Jeune Lune
Juggling torches (3)
Killer bunny slippers
Larry Craig bobblefoot
Lawn darts
LED lightbulb
Leg cuffs
Library card (10 points each/50 for entire team)

Life jacket
Lipstick on a pig
Maltese Falcon
Matt Groening book
Metro Transit transfer for that day

Minnesota Kicks mem.
MISFITS bookmark
MISFITS staff/voluteer button
My little pony
Novelty phone
The Onion newspaper
Oscar Meyer hot dog whistle
Package of ramen
Park @ MOA memerobilia
Pencil other than 2H
Picture of Peter Verrant taking pictures
Picture of team member with CVG GOH
Pine cone

Ping Pong paddle extra if sandpaper
Pocki bonus for other than chocolate or strawberry
Pro sports team ticket

R2D2 Bank
Red Swingline Stapler
Rock Band 2 - I actually don't remember seeing this on the list...
Root of all evil
Rubber chicken
Safety scissors
Shoe horn
Skeleton extra if in closet

Speak and Spell Bonus if it phones home
Spud Vader
Star Feet rank pips
Star Wars postage stamp bonus for complete sheet
State Fair ticket stub
Swim fins
TGIF staff member in uniform - No one got this because we were all banking on getting one of them from the Fridays next to the hotel and the manager there wouldn't allow it.
The Muffin Man
The Rock
Theme Monopoly game
Tootsie Pop wrapper with indian and star
Toy castle
Toy fishing rod

Tuba or Sousaphone
US Constitution
Vinyl LP
Whole team in consistent uniform
We were all in Cthulhu Coffee shirts, and Moose had a Cthulhu Coffee button on!
Window cling
Winter carnival button
Yellow submarine It was a wedding cake topper! And it had actually been made by a member of an opposing team. Sweet!
Taconite Pellet

Picture of team in front of Thunderbird Hotel
Picture of Team in front of Dreamhaven's Mural
Picture of Team with a member of the Source Staff at the Source
Picture of team with the Rat in The Hat at Uncle Hugo's
Picture of team in the middle of the Mississippi
Picture of team in front of a vehicle with more than 8 stickers on it
Picture of team with a band
Picture of team with Mary Tyler Moore statue
Picture of team in front of a jail
Picture of the team with a costumed mascot
A motorola 80's Brick Teelphone
Tags: misfits, scavenger hunt

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