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"As long as I tell the truth I feel that nobody can touch me. "

I went to see Henry Rollins at the Pantages Theater tonight.
Last week ninja_tech messaged me that her & her roomate had an extra ticket and was it something I was interested in?
So I asked Rick, "Hey honey, do I like Henry Rollins?"
Cuz I kinda knew who he was. I knew he used to be a singer in a punk band. And I knew what he looked like from times he'd shown up on TV in cameo roles or on talk shows and Rick would say, "Hey, that's Henry Rollins." And I knew he did comedy.
But I'd never seen his performances so I didn't know if I'd like it. Rick assured me that I would.
I just got home from the show a little while ago and it was great! The man is funny *and* he makes you think. He got up there and talked for three hours. And I agreed with most everything he had to say.
Thank you ninja_tech & floppycorpse for offering me the extra ticket! Here's a link to the search on the internets using the googles that he told us to do. :)
And now I've got to get to bed so that I can join jmanna and our two unknown teammates for MN0PQ3 tomorrow!
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