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I can legitimately use this tag!!!

I completely forgot when I posted while tired last night. I can use my goat-fucking tag!!!!!!! Must go back and edit the post to add it.
Because in one of his bits, Henry Rollins talked about goat-fucking! He actually even used the phrases goat-fucking and goat-fucker! ♥
When I made the tag way back in the censorship kerfluffle I never expected to use it for any reason other than that it amused me. hee hee.

In other non-bestiality news, The Discovery Channel Hell Monkeys team did not suck the most!!! Yay! mn0pq3 was today and jmanna & I teamed up with two guys we didn't know. Their team name was The Discovery Channel and jmanna & I wanted to be Hell Monkeys so we combined the two. Out of 10 teams we took 7th place, and also I was smart enough to wrap my knee before starting so I probably won't hurt tomorrow. Or if I do, it shouldn't be as bad as after last weekend.

Here is a gratuitous picture of the awesome Mr. Rollins:
I only have the one because I didn't check the photo policy before going and so just used my point & shoot and it wouldn't do a decent shutter speed without using the flash so I just took this one at the very end.
Tags: goat-fucking, henry rollins

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