HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Back by popular demand!

Ok, so no one actually demanded it. But I'm about to watch Supernatural, so below the cut you'll find my reactions as I watch.

~ Eek! Clown in the "then"

~ "I'll be up i a minute" my ass! You know he's going after the candy. And that something bad will happen.

~ Razor blades in candy?

~ Dean found a spooky curse thing.

~ Ugh. The bone of a newborn!

~ LOL! So vanilla that he made vanilla seem spicy.

~ I like the run over by car costume.

~ So how is slutty nurse going to die? Drowning I bet.

~ Holy shit are the boys hot in suits!!!

~ Sam: Two words "jail bait."
Dean: "I would never!" followed by smirk.

~ Sam Hain? *groan* Samhain is Celtic, pronounced ˈsouən (Sow wen). Why would a centuries old demon be called Sam Hain when the word ISN'T PRONOUNCED LIKE THAT! At least they got the part about Samhain being the time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest right.

~ Hee! Dean's creeped out by lepracauns.

~ Big enough pile of candy wrappers Dean?

~ Awesome ring tone for Dean.

~ Wouldn't you go for a hot cheerleader? I would. And Dean is in his happy place...

~ Ooh. Dean's back in his suit. Now I'm in my happy place!

~ Agents Getty & Lee. LOL.

~ *snort* "It's like the bitch hopped a broomstick."

~ Dude. Sam pulled a gun on an angel.

~ The guy who won't turn around is creeping me out.

~ Mud-monkeys?

~ No!!!!!! Not teh Metallicar!

~ Awww. Sam's disappointed in the angels. *wibble* Poor Sammy.

~ "Are you just gonna sit there fingering your bone?" And Kripke's writing for the fangirls again...

~ Bet the teacher is planning to kill teh cheerleader.

~ Huh. Didn't see the brother/sister connection.

~ If she's that powerful, how could she not get away from her brother?

~ WTF are you doing Sam?

~ Ewww. Brother/Sister kiss.

~ Playing dead works with a demon that old?

~ Oh, not playing dead. Wearing masks.

~ Cemetery huh? Isn't there a party there?

~ How did he see them in there? They are all wearing masks.

~ Zombies!

~ "Bring it on, Stinky." hee hee

~ Demony powers don't work on Sammy!

~ Zombie Ghost Orgy! That would be an awesome band name.

~ Yup, we knew Dean would use his psychic mojo.

~ Eek! He's not strong enough.

~ Get the knife Dean! Help your brother!

~ *wibble* That look on Dean's face is heartbreaking. Can I comfort him? Please?

~ Talk about scary demons... Michelle Bachman commercial.

~ Whoa. Sam just called an angel a dick to his face.

~ No! Don't ask Dean what he remembers from Hell. We don't like Dean to think about Hell.

~ Damn. Their orders were to follow Dean's orders?

~ Dean thinks he "failed" the test. Bet the angel doesn't think so.

~ The angel is doubting? I see a storyline coming where he ends up joining Lucifer...

Tags: i lurve dean, live reaction post, pretty boys, spn, tv

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