HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Pretty boys

It's Thursday. Time to watch pretty boys & type my reactions!

~Invisible dude.

~hmm. It's a kid.

~Dean's calling the angel a dick again.

~Ooooh! Ted Raimi is in this ep!!!!

~Hee! Women & showers. Of course Dean is interested! :)

~Chick's kind of flaky.

~The working title is...Supernatural. *snort*

~That's when it got weird?

~"Damn right I wanted to save some naked women!"

~Hee hee. "Run Forest, run!"

~This is kinda like the episode with that trickster guy where he made stuff happen to people

~Damn, them are big feet!

~Hey, is that the store Jenson went to after crawling out of the grave?

~"He's a girly-drink drunk"

~He took the whole porno rack.

~LOL! Busty Asian Beauties!

~It's her teddy bear?

~Teddy bear doctors? LOL

~Holy shit! It's a teddy bear!

~Ah. Wishes.

~"Why am I here?" "For teaparties!"

~LOL Her parents wished themselves to Bali

~OK, did he wish for girls, porn, or food?


~Sam figured out about the kid watching women in the shower.

~Oooh. Poor Dean w/his rumbly tummy.

~The wishes turn bad

~The bear commited suicide!

~LOL! Make that *tried* to commit suicide

~Awww. Poor nightmare Dean. :(

~Damn. Dean looks like hell!

~*snort* Couple's therapy.

~Of course it's Ted Raimi's character. He's the big guest star!

~Wes is starting to realize that a woman with no willpower isn't all it's cracked up to be.

~"You get what you want, you get crazy. Just look at Michael Jackson. Or Hasselhoff." hee hee!

~Flipping the car just like a little Superman

~HEE!!! "Kneel before Tod!!!"

~Dude! Sam just got hit by lightning!

~Dean's getting beat up by a little kid

~Aww. Poor Wes. Lost the girl.

~Hee. Girl's parents are sunburned.

~Dean told Sam he was right?

~And awww. Dean remembers Hell. *wibble*

Tags: i lurve dean, live reaction post, pretty boys, spn, tv

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