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My coworker wrote this

J. at work wrote this last week the day after the elections. I think she had some really good things to say.

A reminder to Americans...

Celebrate! Be Happy! Cheer on our new President! BUT...

Do not expect change overnight. This "situation" our nation is in didn't take an instant to get into and it certainly won't take an instant to get out of. Barack Obama is in for a lot of scrutiny once he's in office, much of it coming from those who think he can't do what he's setting out to do, which is make a change.

Think of the next 4 years as a weight loss plan for the US. Sure, there are fad diets out there that promise rapid results but in the end you regain the "fat" you lost because the change came too quickly and without real effort. We succeeded in losing roughly 160 lbs of leader who is worn out and old. We're gaining back muscle in the form of a refreshing look at our economy and our country's standing in the world. You lose some, you gain some.

As American's, we have the right be overjoyed by this latest achievement but let's not let ourselves take this goal reaching as enough. President Obama will need our support now more than ever, if we are to truly make a change. Don't expect the economy to change overnight...or rather, don't expect Barack Obama as a single man to change the economy. He is merely a voice at the highest point for our country and that means we all have to act together to make that voice heard.

We've shown already that we're in the mood for change. But what can we do as individuals to help the change along? First step, we voted in a man who truly represents all of us. Way to go! Now, we must see how we can in our own lives make small changes that will benefit both ourselves and the country.

Know that he's got at least 4 years to make a change...hopefully 8 if we're smart. But let's not forget that just like weight loss, it takes changing old bad habits into new good habits...and when you're losing weight, they say it takes at least 12 weeks to form new good habits. Why not start forming some new good habits now so that come January 20th, when Barack Obama is sworn in as our 44th President, we're all well on our way to making changes that will benefit us for years to come. What is your change?


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