HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Musical lemming

Stolen from dakegra & chebutykin.

Concerts I remember going to:

KISS - The Crazy Nights tour (with no makeup.) This was the first concert I ever went to.


White Lion - twice. Not because I was a big White Lion fan, but because they were the opening band at two shows I went to.


Billy Joel

The Moody Blues

Garth Brooks - twice

Gear Daddies - more times than I can count

Martin Zellar and the Hardways

The Honeydogs

Kid Johnny Lang and the Big Bang - Now he just goes by Johhny Lang. He was only 13 when I saw him.

They Might Be Giants

Sisters of Mercy

The Blue Up?


Toby Keith

The Warren Brothers


Montgomery Gentry

Tim McGraw

Faith Hill

Dixie Chicks

Kenny Chesney

Tricia Yearwood

Gretchen Wilson

Alan Jackson

Martina McBride

Hank Williams Jr.

Filthy Divine - several times. hellbob used to work with one of the guys in the band.

Uncle Kracker - only two times. I'd love to see him again.

Mason Jennings - We were in the 2nd row for one of his concerts, and it was taped for a DVD. There's a scene that's filmed from backstage of him leaving the stage and you can see me, hellbob & LJ-less Jeanine.

Savage Aural Hotbed

Vicious Aloysius - The band of a guy I worked with

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Peter Gabriel

The Police - Just once. hellbob saw them 3 times.


Duran Duran - 4th row, baby!!!!

Paul & Storm

Jonathan Coulton - When he does Minneapolis shows I sell his merchandise for him. Also, when I stalk him to Las Vegas I help with sales there.

Richard Cheese - fun music, but he's a bit of a pompous ass

Natalie Gelman

Chance and the Choir

Mass Drastic - They played before Sunspot last time I saw them and they were good so I went to their last show too.

Sunspot - Totally AWESOME band from Madison Wisconsin that doesn't come to Minneapolis nearly often enough! I've only gotten to see them 3 times. :(

and one that I would have totally forgotten if chebutykin hadn't mentioned it:
Dogstar - Yes, Keanu Reeves' band. And yes, his band is just as good as his acting... We went not expecting a good show, just to see the spectacle of Keanu pretending he was a musician.

And last, but most certainly not least, James Marsters! I've seen him sing three times, once in Toronto and twice in Los Angeles (two shows on the same weekend)

I'm sure I've forgotten some... If I think of them I'll come back and add them. Or, if you were at a show with me and I haven't listed it just remind me. :)


Yup, forgot some.

Rick Springfield

Joe Walsh
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