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Yay! It's Friday!!!!!
Short day at work, and then I am finally going to Memorial Blood Center to donate platelets. I haven't been able to go for probably 2 months because of various colds & such.
Then I can pretty much just relax until I have to go babysit at about 6pm on Sat.
Of course, I'll probably be insane by then from Puzzle Donkey! The one I am currently stuck on has cryptic crossword clues & I hate those! Mostly cuz I can't do them. Silly Brits and their cryptic crossword obsessions... I am blaming you for this, dakegra, you know that don't you?
Went to Chili's for dinner last night with hellbob, genevra, and Mr. genevra. Yum, chicken crispers!
And now we all cry, because hellziggy has to go to work. (They don't pay me if I don't show up! Can you believe that?) At least it is Christmas sock season, so I am wearing my Grinch socks!

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