HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

3 weeks?!?

Holy shit, y'all! I haven't entertained you with my pearls of wisdom for over THREE WEEKS! How have you people survived? You did survive, didn't you?

I finished my Fall semester. On January 12th I start my FINAL SEMESTER!!! Three more classes and I will graduate. Yay! And I've got one of my mostest favorite teachers next semester. :)

Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever holiday you may celebrate!
I got a super comfy & pretty crocheted blanket from genevra, and some Eeyore jammies from my sister-in-law. My parents & hellbob's parents gave me iPhone money. And the Foley Clan gave me Munchkin Bites! My first Munchkin game. I've heard many good things, but have never played one yet.

We had all our annual holiday dinners. My extended family was had Xmas dinner at the Phipps Inn in Hudson as usual (my aunt and uncle own it). I ate too much food. We went to my parent's house the day after Xmas for brunch & present opening. I ate too much food. We went to Rick's cousin's house in Wisconsin for the family Xmas. I ate too much food. Do you sense a trend here?

While at my parents we were watching some old family videos when someone noticed a critter under a tree out there...



Also, since my dad is full of awesome, here is the tree he decorated out in their yard:

It's a Charlie Brown Christmas. :)

As I mentioned before, I got iPhone money for Christmas. Yes, hellbob and I have iPhones now! And I lurves mine!

Hmm. That's probably about all. Haven't really done much lately...

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