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Geekiness abounds!

Friday night was the Paul and Storm & Jonathan Coulton concert in St. Paul.
While at work Friday afternoon I amused myself by following the shenanigans on Twitter.

neilhimself: @paulandstorm and @jonathancoulton are here, but I am being a bad host and going off to get a haircut, and sign stock for Dreamhaven books.

UncaScroogeMcD: @neilhimself They're already rooting around in your couch, looking for spare change.

paulandstorm: @neilhimself is a terrible host. The dog is cute, though.

paulandstorm: [S] Despite warning from @neilhimself, unlocked small door and entered passageway here at Castle Gaiman. Could be a long night.

paulandstorm: [P] Neil is off getting a haircut; I sat at his computer and rewrote Coraline for him. Now *I'm* in the book. And the Other Mother is *hot*.

jonathancoulton: Chez @neilhimself. If anyone wants any priceless memorabilia let me know, security here is pretty lax.

neilhimself: @paulandstorm oh god. All I want is the house to be there when I get back tonight.

UncaScroogeMcD: @neilhimself The house WILL be there. The gypsies in the palace have yet to figure out the logistics of house theft. Your stuff, tho - GONE.

Paul (from Paul & Storm) sent me his phone # via Twitter and I confirmed what time Rick & I needed to be at the theater for our minion duties, and went over the current merch prices. Fellow minion johnboze was there when we got there, as were two surprise extra minions! It seems that JoCo forgot to coordinate with Scarface and let her know that he already had Mpls. minions, so she had also set up two volunteers to do it.

It's a good thing we were there though, because JoCo, Paul and Storm were running late and were actually at dinner until mere moments before the show started. So, since Hellbob & I are are veterans of the merch table we were able to get it set up, fill in the new peeps on prices, and show them how to use the archaic credit card machines that the guys use.

It was at this point that Paul called to make sure everything was going all right and to have me try to find the promoter since he didn't have her phone number. The two unexpected minions didn't have tickets for the show because free tickets are offered in trade for minion duty. Sue, the promoter, wasn't there yet and so with Paul on the phone I was dealing with theater people. All the comps for the promoter were spoken for, but the show wasn't sold out, so we had them put two tickets on hold. The box office chick was being a real bitch about it. How tough is it? I have one of the artists on the phone and he needs two tickets! Just put the fricking things on hold for him and he will take care of it when he gets here! *sigh* So the lack of tickets for minions crisis was averted. There was no ticket crisis for johnboze, hellbob and I because we'd all bought tickets for the show. Since it was ticketed seating I wanted to be sure to have good seats. Front row!

Sue the promoter showed up soon after. Introduced myself to her. Someone showed her to the green room.

More selling stuff ensued. Then we had another mini crisis. They weren't allowing cameras in. I call Paul to confirm that it was something the theater had put up rather than something the guys had requested. Yes, JoCo, Paul, and Storm all still have no problem with people photographing and recording. The theater people say it came from Sue the promoter. I go find Sue and ask her about it. Turns out that although she's met Jonathan before she had never met Paul or Storm. As I am explaining to her that Jonathan, Paul, and Storm have no souls, therefore have no fear of the soul stealing powers of cameras the wayward musicians returned from dinner. I introduced Sue to her clients, and then Sue went to talk to the theater people about allowing cameras. Another crisis averted.

Then, the show is about to start. The lobby clears. There are five minions left standing there wondering if we need to leave someone at the table or not. Theater manager guy says there will be staff in the lobby at all times anyway because of the concessions, so I declared that we would all go to our seats, taking the money with us but leaving the merch out.

Paul & Storm put on their usual fun show. They did some stuff they hadn't done before. The didn't do some of the staples that they usually do (like the rejected commercial jingles). During the pirate song (The Captain's Wife's Lament) they decided they needed a robotic "Aaarrrrrrrrrr." Luckily there were two people in the audience with robotic voice experience: Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame. They came on stage and hammed it up and it was great fun.

As usual, after P&S played there was a rush on sales of their merch. This is standard as people come to the show to see Jonathan and hear P&S for the first time.

When it was time for JoCo to come out for his set I was the last one in the lobby waiting for everyone to clear out before abandoning the table. I went to get a beverage, and the concessions people offered me free wine because they were shutting down and they'd be throwing out what was left. Since I'd actually gone to get a beer I got one of those too. So Jonathan was already doing his first song when I went in to my seat. After that song he was looking at the crowd and as he first saw me he did the smile/wave "hey I know you" kind of gesture. Yes, my brain did geek out a little at the fact that the guy on stage acknowledged me. But then again, JoCo and I are currently at the "greet with hug with no awkward hesitation" stage, and I hadn't seen him before the show, so his reaction really wasn't a surprise.

Jonathan's set was great with one minor exception. He didn't play Mandlebrot Set!!!! He didn't play it at his last show either. Grrr!

For the song Creepy Doll, Jonathan felt that things weren't creepy enough so he asked if there was anyone in the audience with experience writing creepy children's stories. Luckily there was: Neil Gaiman. So he had Neil come down and read some of the Creepy Doll verses. I believe a lot of the people in the audience were surprised by this. I wasn't though since I already knew that the boys were staying w/Neil and that he would most likely be there.

Jonathan finished his set and the very lovely show was over.

All of us minions headed back out to finish selling stuff. Unfortunately it was about 11:15 and theater manager guy told me they lock down the building at midnight so everyone had to be out by then. I ended up getting recruited by many of my friends to take pictures of them with the guys. Neil Gaiman had unfortunately headed backstage after the show to avoid the hoards of fanboys, so I didn't get to say hi to him.

After packing up the merchandise we had a little bit of time to chat with the guys. I told Jonathan that since I'd emailed Neil about their first show over a year ago that I'm going to claim partial credit for all future shenanigans the four of them get up to together. He laughed and agreed, and said I can be one of the co-executive producers on Monkey Shines. LOL.

All in all, it was a pretty darn fun night.
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