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This is kind of fun: The Endless from Sandman drawn as Garbage Pail Kids.
Tiny little preview picture:
Brent Engstrom's blog: Sandman GPK sketchcards

By not keeping up with Twitter/LJ/the internet in general for the last few days I had missed the revelation that Neil Gaiman and Amanda Fucking Palmer are dating. Apparently it's been a couple months. I hadn't suspected, but as soon as I read it my brain went "Yeah, of course they are." It's pretty obvious in the pictures of them together once you know.

hellbob and I are getting up early tomorrow, collecting Jenn and John, and heading down to Ames, IA for Reina's wedding. There's apparently a convention of some sort in town this weekend (yeah, I know. I thought the same thing. Who thinks "Where should we have our convention?" and comes up with Ames Freaking Iowa?!?!?) making the rooms that are still available way more expensive than I am willing to pay for a hotel room in Iowa, so we will be driving back home tomorrow after the reception. I figure with four of us, one of us will be awake enough and sober enough to find I35 and head north!

We're heading down so early because Jenn is doing Reina's makeup for the wedding, so Rick and I will have a few hours to kill between when we get there and when the wedding starts.

So, do any of you Minneapolis peeps want to road trip to Madison, WI next Friday afternoon??? lucky13charm, can you get out of work early on Friday?

I know y'all have heard me talk about how awesome Sunspot is, and those of you I've gotten to go to their show with me have gotten hooked. Their CD/DVD release party for their newest album is this coming Friday, and I've been toying with the idea of going to Madison for it. hellbob doesn't want to go, because it's about a 4.5 hour drive. But he says I can go as long as someone goes with me because he doesn't want me going by myself. The pre-party is at 7pm, which means leaving the Cities between 2 & 2:30.

The three options for Friday nite are: get a super cheap hotel room (in town but not free), or drive one hour back to the Dells afterwards and stay at our timeshare (free but not in town) or find someone to crash with (free *and* in town). My preference is the find someone to crash with option, and when I posted on Twitter/Facebook asking if any Madison peeps had a couch for me to crash on, Mike replied with "I'm sure we could find a safe comfy couch for you between the three of us!" Heck, I hadn't even specified that it had to be safe or comfy! :) Of course this option would be dependent on how many people are going. Then we'd just come back home on Saturday.

If you want to go to Madison for your own reasons and not go to the show that works for me too. I will mock your lack of good taste in music though!

You can check out all of Sunspot's music for free HERE.
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