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So, how was your weekend?

I decided early this week that I would go to Sunspot's CD/DVD release party in Madison if I could get out of work early on Friday. Things were relatively slow, so I took off at 1:00 and hit the road! I stopped to pick up Wyatt, we drove to his friend Danielle's house, and took her car the rest of the way to Madison. At this point there were no concrete plans of where we would all be sleeping. We hit town right as the party was starting at 7:00. There was lots of awesome food provided by Wendy's parents. And there was lots of free beer provided by the Point Brewery. Now y'all know I like dark beer, but given the choice between free beer and dark beer, guess which one wins?
At 8:30 Sunspot took the stage and rocked the hell out of it for two hours! They're usually playing with other bands when they come to Minneapolis so this was the first time I got to see such a long set from them. It was just fucking awesome!!!
The set list:
Sweet Relief
More Than My Degree
Path of Most Resistance
Square Root of All Evil
Uncanny Valley
Dig Your Grave
Trashy Hot
Grand Guignol
No Place Like Home
Mr. Foff
Scott Bakula
Eat Out My Heart
Summer Day
Change the World

The band doing a Jagermeister shot on stage:

This was the only picture I took of Moose all night:
Moose on Wendy's drum set

After the set there was more hanging out and drinking at the club. Then about Midnight we had a plan. Wyatt, Danielle and I headed a couple blocks down to a bar called the Red Shed while the band loaded up the van. Now that I was paying for beer I switched to Newcastle, and we found a booth to hang out and wait for everyone. Probably about a dozen people ended up there.
How adorable of a couple are Ben & Allison?

When it was discovered that I'd never Jagermeister someone bought me a shot of it. That is some nasty stuff!
Yeah, we got a little drunk:

Bars in Madison must close at about 2am, because it was around 2:20 or so that we headed to Ian's for pizza. OMG! This place has macaroni & cheese pizza. The most awesome thing ever! Especially after a night of beer.

I think it was about 3:00 or 3:30 when we left there. Wyatt was good to drive, so he got me, Danielle and Mike back to Mike's house where I was given a pillow & blanket and crashed out on a nice comfy couch. Gotta love a band that gets you drunk *and* gives you a safe place to sleep!

I was not feeling so good the next day though. I choose to blame that one shot of Jager! We were eventually all alive enough to head back into town, stopping to pick up Wendy & Terrance so everyone could get back to their cars. Then it was back on the highway and home for us.

All in all, it was a hell of a lot of fun!
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