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So how do you save money when Christmas shopping?

You be a stupid idiot and leave your check book and credit cards at home! D'oh. It wasn't in my purse because I was balancing the checkbook last night in preparation for shopping! I figured this out as I tried to pay for my first purchase at the Disney store. Luckily I have a very wonderful cousin Janet who paid for my stuff all day and I just wrote her a check when we got back to our place.

I did make one purchase for myself. There was a new Ty moose that I wanted, but I was going to resist until I saw what his name was: Lumpy! How can I not buy him. You don't find too many creatures named Lumpy, and he was a moose too!

It was a relatively productive day of shopping. We got most of the stuff in just a few stores, and had a yummy lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Mall of America really isn't too insane on a weekday.

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