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Wednesday night. Time for the new episode of Leverage! Christian Kane is so pretty. And I love Beth Riesgraf's character, Parker. I wish I lived in or near Portland since CK has been rocking out every weekend at one of the local clubs.

For the last couple weeks hellbob & I have been working our way through the Season 1 DVDs of True Blood. I know, a show about vampires. Who would have guessed I'd like that?! LOL. We've only got one disc left and that's scheduled to show up tomorrow.

A week and a half ago I went on the Scott Kelby's Second-Annual Worldwide Photo Walk with Jenn from work & her boyfriend John. Since the walk was on Saturday evening we raided the rental dept. to see what was available and we were both able to take Canon 5D Mark II's to shoot with. I love that camera!
My pictures from that are up on Flickr. Here are a couple of them:



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