HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Well hello there LJ. How you been?

I had a lovely weekend.

It wasn't busy at work on Friday so I left a little bit early and headed down to the Minnesota Zoo. The giraffe feedings were done for the day, so I didn't get to feed Sweta or Zawadi. I did see leopards & bears though. And I hung out in the butterfly garden for a while.

Friday evening was spent just relaxing at home while Rick was out for guy's night.

Saturday I was going to get up early, but I'm just not a morning person. lablynne from Hasty Brook had set up a day of birding for Birders Who Blog, Tweet and Chirp. I joined the group for lunch and then went on to Hyland Lake Park Reserve for some birding.
I met a ton of cool new folks, including:
Virginia from Bees in the City
Ruthie Johnson the Nature Knitter
Dawn and Jeff from Dawn's Bloggy Blog
Roger Everhart from Minnesota Birdnerd
Hap in New Hope
Mike and Lizette from Mike and Lizette's Travels and Thoughts
Penelope from Penelopedia: Nature and Garden in Northfield Minnesota

Virginia keeps bees over in St. Paul, so I'm looking forward to finally getting to go see some beehives in action!

I wasn't able to join the group for Birds & Beers at Merlin's rest, because there was shrimp to be eaten! Jeanine & Curt were doing a shrimp boil at Jeanine's house and when a trained chef is cooking, you go! The food and company were both excellent, and the Zoe dog was a beautiful as always.

Today hellbob & I got up kind of early and headed north to Paynesville where we met his dad, stepmom, stepsister and her husband for brunch and then headed back to the cabin to see the new carpet & tile down in the basement. We relaxed on the deck, the boys all watched golf, and after a yummy dinner we headed back home.

Yup, all in all it was a very nice weekend. I'm not sure I'm ready to return to work tomorrow!

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