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I've put it on my calendar, now you guys just need to help make it happen!

February 20 to March 3, 2010 I will be on the trip of a lifetime!

A cruise to Antarctica aboard the Lyubov Orlova.

OK, so it's not official. I sort of have to win this contest first. But, I have the most awesome LJ peeps, Twitter tweeps, and Facebook friends so I know you guys will help make it happen for me!

Here's the deal:

Travel on a $20,000 Expedition for Free!

Quark Expeditions is searching for an Official Blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica. Do you have a passion for the polar regions? A commitment to the environment? An insatiable urge to photograph penguins?

Post your entry and tell the world why you should be our blogger. Be creative! On September 30, 2009, the entrant with the most number of votes will be selected as the winner.

The Official Quark Blogger will travel with a guest to Antarctica in February 2010 and blog about their experience, chronicling the action, the emotion, and the drama as their polar adventure unfolds.

My entry is HERE

Seriously people. I KNOW you can help make this happen.

Can you just imagine the pictures I would return with?

The winner of the trip will be determined solely by the number of votes. So please, go to the site, register, and vote for your favorite HellZiggy & Moose! Oh, and pimp me out to all your friends too. Do it for the Moose.
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