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3/4 of the way there!

I'm already at 33 37 votes for the Official Quark Expeditions Blogger contest!

It's not a lot of votes compared to the 3848 I need to win, but it's an excellent start. It has already put me ahead of 3/4 of the entrants.

I'm already all the way up to page 8 7 when the entries are sorted by popularity. Once I hit 50 votes I'll be up to page 5. At 100 votes, page 3.

To bump the last guy off of the first page, I need 295 291 more votes. There are only 5 people with over 1000 votes, and only 1 of them is over 2000.

I have 43 more days to collect votes. I've got some ideas for getting more votes. I've started to implement some of them. I really want this, but I don't want to be too pushy.

But, I will be sending emails. Some to specific people asking them individually for help. Some to groups asking for help more generically. My family already got the "You're my family, you HAVE to vote for me" email.

Also, I'm not above bribery. If you're a teacher and you get your class to vote for me, I will send your class messages/videos/postcards/whatever from Antarctica while I'm there. If you are famous and you use your fame to tell people to vote for me, I will mention your awesomeness as I blog from Antarctica and pimp your product, be it book, music, whatever.

I've gotten a few retweets already. I've also got some Facebook repostings of it, and an LJ repost. THANK YOU everyone who's voted and/or reposted.

I went and got a bit.ly address to use. I wanted to keep it short, but couldn't get cold, brr, brrr, or frozen so my short url to get to my voting page is http://bit.ly/frzn. Just remember it by thinking that it's too cold for vowels. LOL Feel free to spread that url around wherever you can!

Rick has said before that when I set my mind to something I make sure I do it. Well, he hasn't seen anything yet.


There are so many places I've wanted to travel too. Of all of them, Antarctica is the one I am least likely to be able to pull off on my own. It would require winning the lottery. Thanks to this contest, I don't have to win the lottery, I just have to have the most awesome friends on the entire internet!

So remember everyone, vote early and vote often*!
*Only real human beings with personal email addresses may register to vote. One vote per person.

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