HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Not about Antarctica.

In her LJ, witling posted about a friend who works in a convent in Mexico.
One of my good friends has been traveling to Mexico for several years to do massage therapy for the residents of Buen Pastor, a convent in Guanajuato, Mexico. The sisters there shelter abused women, house and educate orphans, and offer girls (in particular) a second chance at life. They work a lot with victims of sexual and domestic abuse, as well as children who are orphaned or whose families can't afford to support them.

My friend, Juanita, does a lot of bodywork with the women and with the nuns, who are mostly pretty old and living very close to the bone. Another volunteer does acupuncture and homeopathy. Other folks have done literacy training, set up some computers, and helped pay the girls' school fees. They're also working on making the convent more sustainable and self-sufficient: trying to get funds to install solar panels, build compost bins, and teach the girls how to grow food.

She needs funding to continue her work there, and one thing she's trying for is this award from Nau, a socially-conscious clothing company. It's a competition, so she needs votes. It's free to vote, but you have to create a log-in and password, which takes about a minute.

If you want to share the voting link with friends, please do.

This post does not espouse any religious tenets, organization, or other hoopla. Basically, this convent does good work for girls and women who desperately need help. They need money to keep doing this. Fair enough.

Please share far and wide...

ETA 1: Nau won't sell your email address or spam you. They're good folks (and they make awesome clothes.)

ETA 2: When you click that link to reach Juanita's page, you'll land on the page that describes her work, not the voting page. You can click through the pale grey tabs to see pictures and learn more, and then the far-right tab is the voting tab. Vote, share, go crazy! Thank you and namaste!

What? I said it wasn't about Antarctica. I never said I wasn't still trying to get you to vote for something! It's a good cause. Go do it.

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