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A very nice day

I was planning to lounge around the house today but a tweet from Virginia reminded me that she was going to be doing a demo at her beehive today.

I hopped in the shower, tried to get a 100mm macro from West but none were available, and headed over to the strange land of St. Paul to see a bee hive. I got there just as she was starting to open it up.

It was very cool. I got to hold a frame full of honey & bees. I got to taste honey straight out of the hive. I got to hold a cute l'il drone dude that had just hatched/emerged from his cell. And I got to chat with Virginia who I had just met last weekend and who is super cool.

I'll have a TON of photos up on Flickr tomorrow or so, and I'll post some here too.

Then shortly after I got home romeoa came over and we went out to dinner at El Loro. Yummy Mexican food! Then back at the house the boys smoked icky smelly cigars as the three of us sat around the firepit and had a VERY tasty wine. Donausonne Blaufränkisch from Hungary. A red wine that is a little sweet, but not too sweet. Not quite a dessert wine. I have to say, it was tastier than dad or grandpa's wine...
Then I had some of dad's wine, so I'm in a happy wine place right now. That's why I'm not going to get my bee pictures up tonight.

So, a very nice day today, and now it's time for bed. 'Nite, y'all.
Tags: bees, friends, wine

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