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I got to see my first real live bee hive on Saturday! It was sooooo cool.
Virginia has a bee hive over at the Midway Green Spirit Community Garden in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Saturday was some community garden open house thingy.

I took pictures. Yes, I know this is shocking to most of you because of my well documented fear of cameras... LOL.

Warning: There will be pictures of bees here, so if bees freak you out you should skim on past. :)


Virginia & Diane prying off the top box.

Just look at that frame loaded down with honey! This one was pretty heavy. Virginia asked if anyone felt brave enough to come hold it to see how heavy it was. Heck yeah! I jumped at that chance. The only other person who did was a kid who was about 10 or so and thought it was just the coolest thing ever.

A newborn! This little dude is crawling out of his cell for his first look at the wide world.

And I got to hold him! Since he was a drone he didn't have a stinger so I wasn't even in any danger of getting stung.

And that was my Saturday afternoon with Virginia and her bees.

And OMG, honey straight out of the hive was YUMMY!!!
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