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Lots of tabs open, lets do some links!

The fabulous kylecassidy linked to Texts From Last Night.. Don't blame me for any productive time lost by reading it, blame him.
Here's a sample from right here in the Twin Cities:
(612): So do you want to come over? ;)
(763): Never again opening up the Pandora's box of crazy that is your vagina. Sorry.

Craig's List can be a scary place. Here's a screenshot I took of an actual ad on there this weekend:

Clown for Kicks

The Jonathan Coulton section of the post:

Item the first: We have a Minneapolis date for the next Paul & Storm/Jonathan Coulton concert! October 26th (That's a Monday night, kids) at the Guthrie on the McGuire Proscenium Stage. Tickets on sale now. $25 each. Part of the Live at the Guthrie series. Since JoCo hasn't actually announced this show yet on his site or his Twitter there are still plenty of good seats left.

Item the second: On the true/slant site, John Sellers, the Enthusiast, decided that it would make sense to have someone who doesn't watch much tv comment on the new fall series' based soley on their title. The person they got to do it was, of course, JoCo.

Here’s how their preview works: 1) They give Coulton the title of a series.* 2) He offers up what he imagines the premise of that show might be.** 3) They tell him the program’s true premise. 4) He sums up the show’s chance for survival. 5) TV executives everywhere collectively shiver.

Item the third: Never ask Jonathan Coulton to cat sit for you.

Item the fourth: Jonathan Coulton's song "My Monkey" can be sung with 'Wil Wheaton' substituted for 'My Monkey.' True fact. Proof here:

"Wil Wheaton gets lucky sometimes."

This concludes the Jonathan Coulton section.

Now for the scary politics part.

Wondering what to do on September 25 & 26? Why, you should go to beautiful St. Louis, MO for the How to Take Back America Conference '09. Minnesota's own bat-shit crazy Michele Bachmann will be there! You can attend wonderful workshops like:

~How to defend America vs. missile attack

~How to defend traditional marriage and DOMA

~How to understand Islam

~How to stop feminist and gay attacks on the military

~How to counter the homosexual movement

~How to recognize living under Nazis & Communists

~How to use the Internet effectively: Internet 101

This conference is endorsed by the American Family Association, and would the folks who warned us of the EVIL PepsiCo's belief in equality for gays steer us wrong? I didn't think so.

And of course, one last link. I think y'all know what it will be...



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