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Semi-live Supernatural post

Supernatural season premier tonight! Yay!

I'm home from the dentist and ready to fire it up on the Tivo.

~ Cartoon devil?

~ On a plane?

~ The Prophet Chuck!

~ LOL. He hit Sam w/a plunger.

~ I love that Dean will call an angel an asshat.

~ And a two-faced douche. LOL.

~ Ooh. Nice hotel wallpaper.

~ OMG! Wincest on my TV! LOL Samlicker1 & morethanbrothers.net

~ Wow, she's a freak!

~ Sam's firm. And Dean's not what she expected. hee hee. Yeah, she's a Sam girl.

~ "The Michael sword is on earth. The angels lost it. In a castle on a hill made of 42 dogs."

~ Bobby!

~ Poor Sam. Can you imagine anything that would tear him up more than bringing on the Apocalypse. And of course Bobby wouldn't forgive.

~ NOOOOO! Not Bobby! Can't believe I didn't see that one coming.

~ "What was that? Peanut butter?

~ Oh Bobby. If anyone could be stronger than the demon inside, it's you.

~ "Oh thank God, the angels are here."

~ Dean's the Michael sword?

~ An angel condom? hee

~ It's Cas!

~ Aw geez. This Nick guy is totally gonna say yes, isn't he?

~ LOL! Only Dean would come up with the idea to kick all the angels & demons off of earth.

~ "I have no idea. But what I do have is a GED & a give 'em hell attitude."

~Awwww. Bobby does forgive him.

~ My poor broken boys. Can I just hug them both?

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