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A little bit saner...

Hi everyone! Miss me?

I just haven't been around much lately, and it's not because of Twitter or Facebook. I just haven't felt much like interacting online. I was also really moody, irritable, and just not much fun to be around.
Then we figured it out. We'd lowered my dose of Zoloft a few months ago and it seemed to be doing ok. But the longer I was on the lower dose the more I just didn't care about anything. It was gradual since I was still taking it, just taking less. When it was pointed out that my moodiness might be because of the drugs, or the lack there of, it made perfect sense.
We're going to try switching me to Wellbutrin to see how that works. No negative side effects so far, but I have noticed that my mood seems to be just a bit better, and I'm not having such a hard time convincing myself to get out of bed in the mornings.
Lets hope things keep improving!

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