HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Stuff I need for the MISFITS scavenger hunt!!!

Hunt is over. We came in 3rd. Items in bold are the ones we got.

Here's the list, I'll try to edit as we get things.

Hmong story cloth
Crepe spreader
Skull & crossbones cookie cutter
dishware shaped like minnesota
baby onesie with republican campaign slogan
misfits staff polo shirt
1999 12 month photo calendar
secret decoder ring
hula boy & girl salt & pepper shakers
treats to bribe judges
kid appropriate pirate music
local church cookbook

little league baseball jersey
ticket stub to a soccer world cup game or wc qualifying event
defenseman’s lacrosse stick
dayton’s gift box
iraqi money
a 7/16th inch tap and die set
anything with the mud flap girl

the ORIGINAL Disney Aladdin soundtrack
Cookbook w/recipe featuring bear meat
John Deere tractor

easy bake oven
something made in canada
flag from another us state

t-shirt from newfoundland
ticket stub from Hamlet
Bow tie (must be able to tie it)
lazy susan
snoopy electric toothbrush
belt buckle with a truck on it
tandem bike
farrah fawcett poster
Thriller on vinyl
drivable dump truck
live tv or radio host
chocolate bunny
largest pumpkin (points only to team w/largest)
animal slippers
1980 mexican coin
sorcerer barbie
Webkins Love Pupy with tage
2nd graders homework
Business card for a proctologist
white asparagus
chimney sweep
clay horse
Tesla coil
Trailer Trash Barbie
Renfest bobblehead
Poster of the planet Endor
D&D Jones soda
The One Tape
Mrs. Beasley
A French franc (not euro)
Acupuncture needles
A reproduction of 5 pounds of fat
Captain Hammer’s laundry bill
CVG volunteer M&Ms
Autograph of a Minnesota independent bookseller
Deer hunting magazine
a non pastel yoga brick
Library card (10 per team member/50/for whole team
Soap shaped like a scarab
Disney villain sticker
Anchovy paste sandwich spread in a tube
Gummi rat
Piece of Red Hat paraphernalia
A fez case
Bowling game scorecard
A complete Twins box score
Canerbury Downs memorabilia
Fine wine made in Idaho
Left threaded bolt
A one dollar pregnancy test (provide receipt)
a sheet of sage green vellum
bug spray
Pink power tool
Code monkey trifecta
Printed wedding napkin
Tire iron
5 1/4” floppy
tin lunch box
Milk crate with a dairy logo
Orange sleeping bag

Green ear muffs
Beta Fish
California Raisin figurine set
3Dpuzzle of Notre Dame
Hardy Boys book
Ceramic duck
Eiffel Tower replica

Individual mess kit
3 foot stuffed penguin
Lined picnic basket
Actual plane ticket (not an e-ticket)
1980s era cell phone
Fly fishing vest
a live cactus
a pair of sais
Police scanner
Flash cube
Ninja rubber duckie
An oversized brandy snifter
Leather jack
Anime Detour staff shirt
A pair of safety scissors
Bottle of Spring Grove pop
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
A Casio digital watch
A massage tool

Carbide lamp
Something radioactive
Silver spoon

Concierge pinup calendar
A rolling pin, 24” or larger
mason jar
Lint brush
a cunning hat
a bat
stuffed clown
tape measure, 100’ or longer
a pair of anime cat ears
2-sided die

lock picks
a girl scout in uniform
choir robes
folding bookshelf
Wine bottle, jeroboam or larger
a pair of working walkie-talkies
film clapboard
Midnight Chronicles, widescreen
Zippo lighter

Bacon flavored lip balm
Set of metrick allen wrenches
State Fair fan
Macrame owl

Bock & tackle
Dog whistle
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