HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

LOL! Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Edgar Wright were inspired by some Hot Fuzz slash fic they found online and started writing their own via Twitter. I think I've got them all copied here.
(BTW, there's nothing horribly explicit under there, for all of you squicked by slash.)

edgarwright: You want HOT FUZZ slash fiction? You got HOT FUZZ slash fiction. http://bit.ly/EU8SY Enjoy...

simonpegg: RT @edgarwright: You want HOT FUZZ slash fiction? You got HOT FUZZ slash fiction. http://bit.ly/EU8SY Enjoy. I don't know how to feel.

simonpegg: All power to the slashers I say. I'm deeply flattered that anyone would take mine and @edgarwight's balls and run with them.

nickjfrost: @edgarwright not sure why you'd post this?

edgarwright: @simonpegg I too am deeply flattered by the slashers. I say all power to handstitched homoerotica.

edgarwright: I have been sent several links to apparently much filthier HOT FUZZ slash fiction. I have not clicked..as yet.

edgarwright: More HOT FUZZ slash fiction for those who enjoy Angel & Danny's stolen glances... http://joandarck.greekedtext.org/HotFuzzMissingOut.html

edgarwright: I think I have opened a lusty can of worms...

simonpegg: @edgarwright "said Danny as he unbuttoned Angel's police issue riot suit"

nickjfrost: @simonpegg stop It!

simonpegg: @nickjfrost "said Angel", not meaning a damn word of it.

simonpegg: Whatever happens it will end with them firing their guns in the air and saying "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh".

nickjfrost: @simonpegg "That's a lovely big truncheon." said Danny. (sound of slide whistle.) the end.

simonpegg: @nickjfrost (shushes Nick with a finger to his lips) ... Don't cheapen this.

nickjfrost: @simonpegg I'm off for a bath. I feel dirty. I might shave my head.

simonpegg: @nickjfrost Alright but I get to choose what end I sit.

nickjfrost: @simonpegg "I'd light a jostick I've just 'ad a chud." said danny.

edgarwright: @simonpegg @nickjfrost ...Danny gripped his extendable Asp. It could do some serious damage in the right hands.

nickjfrost: @edgarwright 'swing away!" Said Danny. They laughed at the memory of going to see signs together one afternoon.

simonpegg: "What shall we do?" Asked Danny, fully of puppyish enthusiasm. "Your call Constable Butterman", purred Angel. Danny smiled, "Willy fight?"

edgarwright: @simonpegg @nickjfrost Danny and Angel grinned as they tackled the shoplifter. There was no reason to hold him down so long. Or was there..?

nickjfrost: @edgarwright "he's got a pipe of pringles down his track suit bottoms Sarge!" grinned Danny.

edgarwright: @simonpegg @nickjfrost "Danny wanted to tell Angel that from some angles he looked a bit like Paul Walker. He'd tell him one day...One day."

edgarwright: @nickjfrost Danny smiled "Remember when we beat up those travelers in the downpour, Sergeant Angel? ? Your hair looked good in the rain"

edgarwright: @nickjfrost "Danny gazed at the leaves falling outside the station. He smiled. Rugby season would be starting soon..."

nickjfrost: @edgarwright In the quiet station Danny danced to Sixpence none the richer's 'Kiss me', remembering their weekend in Weston.

edgarwright: I'm enjoying this. Too much...(too much)

edgarwright: @simonpegg @nickjfrost Angel gently reminded Danny that his 'Team Jacob' t-shirt was not regulation uniform.

edgarwright: @nickjfrost Danny broke the silence. "Who do you like better, John or Edward?" "I have no strong feeling" said Angel, without looking up.

nickjfrost: @edgarwright 'I saw the way Skinner was looking at you.' Sighed Danny. 'Don't be jealous' Angel ruffled danny's hair. 'Don't Dad might see!'

edgarwright: @camposova I think the fact that I have out-slashed Pegg & Frost by 3 to 1 speaks volumes about me. Uh...

edgarwright: One last one..."Have you seen the notebook?" asked Angel, searching furiously in the glove compartment. "Many times" replied Danny fondly.

fiafortune: Wait, I haven't been paying attention -- is @edgarwright WRITING Hot Fuzz slash, or just quoting it?

edgarwright: @fiafortune Writing it, not quoting and having too much fun doing so...

edgarwright: Am off out now. Good night all. Hands up who still wants a HOT FUZZ sequel.

edgarwright: @nickjfrost I think a fair few people think we have been quoting existing Hot Fuzz slash fiction, not writing it.

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