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Very tired, short post

I've been shit at posting lately. I keep thinking i will, but I never think this when I am sitting at the computes. I've got the LJ update app on my iPhone, but that's too much of a pain to type out a whole entry.

So, life lately...

I really don't love Twitter more than LJ (and by extention Facebook since Tweets go there too) but it is much easier to do a short 140 thought via iPhone where ever I am than the LJ posts that require actual typing. Maybe if I was a hunt & peck typer I wouldn't find updating on the iPhone so tedious, but since I am used to touch typing on a real keyboard typing on the iPhone feels like work!

OK, almost 2 weeks ago, Monday, October 26th. There was Jonathan Coulton & Paul and Storm! Yay! I also met twitter friend xmodem in real life, as well as one of the fiends from FabLo's journal, AletaMay. No time to talk to either though as I was at merch at the time. I also spent a bit more time chatting with Bill Corbett of MST3K who I had met at the last JoCoPaSto show, and I met his wife Virginia this time. Not a whole lot of time chatting with the Rock Stars after the show because they had to get their stuff packed up and shuffle off to the hotel for their various flights home. As always it was a great show.

Tuesday, October 27th started as an ordinary day, but by the end of the work day I had developed a slight cough. By bedtime I was also achey and had a fever. Fever was relatively low, only 100.something, but one must also take into account that my every day temp is only 97.9 rather than 98.6.

Wednesday, October 28th I didn't die. But I felt like I would. I called in sick to work. I was feeling too crappy to even be online. And if you know me, you know that is sick indeed!

Thursday, October 29th I still felt like crap. Also by that point I had self-diagnosed myself with H1N1. All the symptoms matched, and I'd had a seasonal flu shot. So I decided that even if I felt ok I had to stay home because I hadn't hit the 24 hours since fever mark that the CDC recommended.

You know I'm really damn sick if I take two days in a row off of work. Those 2 days actually doubled the number of sick days I've taken in total since starting at West, if I'm remembering correctly. yes, I know that if you are sick you should stay home to heal and to keep from spreading it. Wonderful idea. Not practical for me because a) I'm pretty much the only one who works in the mini-lab. If I take a day off it means that I will be doing twice as much work when I am back the next day. and b) I don't get sick time or vacation time. A day off is a loss of 10% of my paycheck. Those two days I was sick are going to be felt financially next week. So yeah, lovely idea to take sick time, but not an option for me if I'm not REALLY sick.

Friday, October 30th Worked. Didn't die. Used a lot of Purell. Didn't infect any coworkers.

Saturday, October 31st. Saw A Serious Man with romeoa & hellbob. They both liked it a lot more than me. Then we watched John Carpenter's The Thing because I'd never seen it.
I know far too much about Antarctica to really enjoy movies that take place there, I discovered. From the first scene I was already spotting inaccuracies. There are NO dogs in Antarctica! None, zero, zip. Back in Scott's day they used dog teams, but not now. Then at one point they said it was -100º. But they were in the part of the year where there was both daylight and full night. For it to be -100º they'd have to be at the actual pole in the dead of winter. And then there was the way they would destroy the monster. A fricking flame thrower!!! Fire is one of the most dangerous things down there because it is so dry that fires quickly burn out of control, and also shelter is so necessary for survival that a building burning down can be a death sentence. Those fires they started when killing the monster wouldn't have been so easy to put out. Also, THEY WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE A FREAKING FLAME-THROWER! Having a flamethrower in Antarctica is like wearing a steak suit when you go to feed lions. But other than those details, good movie! Then we hit the Halloween party at the Geek House.

Sunday, November 1st. Vikings vs. Packers. We went to Cooper in St. Louis Park to watch the game with romeoa, pinkshaya, kaldeth, and stark0228. Mostly an excellent game, although at the beginning of the 3rd quarter it looked like the Vikings were going to fall apart and let Green Bay have it, but they managed to pull it together and maintain their lead. I also endured much abuse from, well, everyone, about my plans for Sunday evening. Uncle Kracker!!! I had a ticket to go see him at 1st Ave. Unfortunately he was only the opening act. His set was full of awesome even though it was too short and didn't include many of my favorite songs of his. I think it had been about 5 years since the last time I'd seen him. (I don't count when he was one of Kenny Chesney's opening acts because he only did about 4-5 songs and I was sitting waaaaaaaaaaay far back.)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Nothing too remarkable. Spent most of my time at work running my ass off.

And now we're at today. I saw chebutykin briefly when she came into West w/Eric. Then when I got out of work I flew directly to Willow Creek to catch The Fourth Kind with hellbob & romeoa. Meh. If you want creepy go to Paranormal Activity instead. Then after the movie I came home w/ Rick & took off almost immediately to go to Stillwater to see Fabulous Lorraine performing w/Paul at Charlies Pub. Fun time, but why is Stillwater so far away?

And now, bed. Hmmm. I guess my definition of "short post" might be a little off, eh?
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