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Random bits & a new user pic.

Hey, mle292, I played with photoshop too! Like my new user pic?

We are less than a week from Christmas! WTF? It was Halloween, like a week ago!
Tomorrow is LOTR! Yay! Hobbitses!

hellbob brought home a wireless router thing today, so Chiana is connected to the internet again! HB is my hero!

Last week at work we had a bald eagle in the tree right by the pond. Oddly enough, Bill assumed that I would probably have a camera with me... Where would he get that idea? So I took a picture & oohed & ahhed over how pretty the eagle was. Then I headed back to my desk. About 1/2 hour later the department manager comes over and says that there are two of them now. So, more pictures. I love all the wildlife we get to see at work! There was a weasel looking for food in the pond last week, and muskrats this week. I now know that ducks are scared of weasels, but not muskrats!

So anyway, for your viewing pleasure, eagles:

and this is how far out the pictures were before cropping in closer:

Also, a question for you Mac users. Do any of you use anything for organizing photos besides iPhoto? It's really driving me nuts, because it only lends itself to basic organization. If you make an album for cats, for example, you can't further subdivide it by date, or which cat... So if any of you have organization suggestions I would be thrilled!

I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel Live and I just realized how freakishly large Ben Stein's ears are. They look like fake joke ears.

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