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I hope all of you in America had a fabulous thanksgiving, and everyone in the rest of the world had a fabulous day as well!

hellbob & I did our traditional early afternoon dinner at my aunt's house with a small chunk of the family (only about 25 of us). After stuffing ourselves silly on turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, salad, gravy, wine, etc we avoided the turkey coma by engaging in the annual battle: Trivial Pursuit!

Some years it is the Aunts (which includes Uncle Bob as he's the only one of their brothers there) vs. everyone else. This year it was boys vs. girls. Unfortunately we weren't able to convince them to pull out the 20th anniversary edition so we were using the aunt's favorite: the original. This one is actually getting a little tougher because we have to remember that the questions were written about 25 years ago.

The men cried foul when we would not accept Russia when the card said Soviet Union. They were wrong. It would be like saying Iowa when the correct answer was the USA.
One of the questions was "How many teats on a cow?" They got the correct answer of 4, but there was also some comments about how it had to be an even number. Cousin T said something about a cow with 1 teat. My response was, "That's not a cow, it's a bull."
The boys won all the games. *sigh* Maybe next year...

As the 3rd game in the battle commenced it was time for hellbob & I to leave to head over to his sister's house.

Our tradition there is to go through the sale ads figuring out what we want to go buy the next day. We're not getting too much this year since there's not a whole lot we really really want, and there's not a whole lot of money to spend on it. We'll be getting up at about 6:30ish tomorrow.

Then, after shopping, I head in to work to do my annual super-cleaning of the machines. The store is open, but not the minilab. It's a nice way for me to do it because I'm not actually scheduled to work so I can just come in when the shopping is done. This year I'm bringing my Black & Decker Scumbuster to help with the machine scrubbing!
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