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Hell. The black void. Funny you should mention it. I've booked you a spot there.

It's been almost a week since I had any random ramblings... It's a comfort thing. My computer is dead so I have to use HellBob's. Even though it is the same room, all of four feet from where I usually am, and it's the same chair, cuz his is the wrong height, it just doesn't feel right!
Maybe the problem is the shiny foil "mud-flap girl" sticker on his case. You know the one, silouhette of some chick with Barbie like proportions leaning back, one leg bent...
It's just not the same as my happy little computer with it's Los Angeles Coroner's Office sticker!
I think a big part of the problem may be my complete lack of bookmarks! I had finally just organized all of mine. *sigh*
What a long week this was! I had class on Tues & Thurs. The teacher is driving me nuts because his voice just reminds me of someone. He talks & I know that voice. I just can't remember who!!!! Argh!
On Wed, I worked a shift at Waldenbooks. It was kinda neat because with all the kiosks up there are all these part-time new people who don't know what they are doing yet. So since Christine & Kelly were busy putting up the last kiosk (it's a Lego one!) they kept coming to me with their questions & to ask what they should work on. Usually, I work with one of hte management 'cuz someone with a key to the store has to be there. It was just weird being the one who knew stuff.
Friday, we went to check out one of the films at the Central Standard film festival. It was a film called Hell House. It was both funny and scary in a "I can't believe these people are real" kind of way. It is a doc about a haunted house that a church put on with "real" horrors. A girl has an abortion, bleeds to death & goes to hell. A man is gay, dies of AIDS & goes to hell. A girl goes to a rave, is drugged & raped, commits suicide & goes to hell. Are you sensing a theme yet?
Tonight I left HB at home & went off to take in another movie. Last Seen. I didn't really care for it. It was shot on a small digital camera & it really showed sometimes. It was just distracting to be watching a movie in a theater & have the diagonal lines be jagged because of the pixelation. Also, the script was written as it was being filmed. I just couldn't get into it.
But, I did find out that they have upgraded all the five day passes to VIP, so I can go to the final movie & the closing ceremony dinner. Free dinner at Fuji-ya, which was voted the best Japanese & best sushi in the Cities. When I told chebutykin about the free dinner she called me a bitch. hee hee.
Earlier in the day, Cheb & I headed down to Bloomington for a baby shower. Jen, the wife of our friend Gecko is due November 1st. Halloween baby! Her baby room is Seuss & since no one makes Seuss wallpaper or decorations or anything they had to paint it themselves projecting pictures on the wall, tracing & painting. It turned out awesome! And I found the cutest little eyeore outfit to give her! :)
I thought weekends were for relaxing! I haven't gotten to do much of that! And now I will probably try to check out one of the short film showings tomorrow before heading to Como Park. Then I am gonna try to get to the park at least an hour before my class, with my camera. ZOOOOOO!!! :) Then I've got my Wicca class for about 2 hours or so. Then home to get HB so we can head to the last movie & go get our free dinner. :)
I'm tired just thinking about it. Time to go veg out infront of the tv for a while & maybe make HB order us some pizza.
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