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It snows in the winter in Minnesota? Huh.

Well hey, I just may be figuring out this LiveJournal thing. I've actually posted something every other day this month!

Did you know it snowed today? And it's cold? Not too weird considering we live in Minnesota. I think my drive in to work took all of about 5 or 10 extra minutes. It was painfully slow when I was going down Hwy 55, but when I got on 100 it was moving ok. Then I got into the HOV lane w/my MNPass. Wheeeeeeeee. I was chucking along at darn near normal speed on a road that was cleared but I had it to myself. Those poor saps over on the regular road? Not so much.

Last night's drive sucked, but that was mostly because I had to go all the way up Hennepin from work to just near MCTC. I had gotten this month's Ritalin prescription and I wanted to get it filled at CVS so I could see how effective or ineffective their generic Ritalin is. I also wanted the price for 3 months worth of name brand Ritalin so I could figure out how much it would be our prescription plan.
I was telling the pharmacist why I needed to know and she was very helpful. She also told me they have two different brands of generic that they generally got. I'm pretty sure one of them is the one that didn't work, so we were going to fill my prescription with the other one so I could see if it worked before I started committing to 3 months worth.
This was when the pharmacist had a brilliant idea. She filled the majority of my scrip with the one I know I've never tried, but then also filled a little bit of it with the generic that might be the one that's worthless. This way I can try both, and when I get my 3 month order I can call ahead of time to let the pharmacist know which brand I'm going to need it filled with so she can be sure that one is in stock.

I'm still not happy to be forced to switch pharmacies, but at least the pharmacist seems good. I think we're still going to join Walgreens' prescription club for all our regular meds because it will be $12/order instead of $25. I believe the only two not eligible for that program are my Ritalin and hellbob's Bietta.

I was supposed to snowblow the driveway, but we have TWO snowblowers and neither one would start! So I shoveled almost the whole thing by hand. Yuck!

And now, bedtime.


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Dec. 10th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
What a good pharmacist. Generics can be a real problem. It annoys me when pharmacists don't acknowledge that the combination of ingredients can make a hell of a difference.

Very glad your drive was safe - the roads sound trecherous.
Dec. 10th, 2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, this "snow" stuff. I'm just not that sure about it, ya know?

I'm glad you've found some sort of solution to the script thing, but CVS should be investigated for that.
Dec. 12th, 2009 07:13 am (UTC)
yours was one of the first english random journal to pop up tonight and i wanted to friend you. i'm "re"new to LJ and well gotta start somewhere
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