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Not a happy technology day

Stoopid technology!

The cord for my Wacom tablet has a loose wire in it, so I need to have it replaced. I was hoping to just order the part and do it myself like I did with my old tablet, but the Intuos3 cord isn't one I can change myself. My old Intuos2, I could open the tablet, and the cord was plugged into the board. This one it's not connected w/a removable plug, therefore I can't do it myself. :( It's a simple thing for them, and it's only $52.50 for the part and the repair, but it means sending the tablet in & being without it for a week. Next best option is spending $200 for a new Intuos4.

There is a 3rd option which I might try: lop off the USB plug, cut another one off a cord we're not using, and see if I can splice them together. I should probably call first though to see if the $52 repair price still stands if I send the tablet in w/out the USB end of the cord (I'm not under warranty, so it's not voiding one).

And my MacBook Pro... I just upgraded to Snow Leopard on Sunday night. It's been long enough, there shouldn't be any issues, right? Urg. Apparently Snow Leopard can break your ability to access servers via smb. There are two I access at work, the kiosk & the upload. After my upgrade I can still access the kiosk the way I always could, but I can't connect to the upload at all! Guess which one I use maybe once a month or so, and which one I use every day?!?!

Since it's my personal laptop, and not a work one I probably wouldn't care, except that the computer I have access to at work for transferring files and such is incredibly sloooooooow. Remember these iMacs:
Yeah, it's one of those. It can't be upgraded past Tiger, and the USB ports are all 1.0.
One-point-fricking-oh!!! Do you know how long it takes to transfer a DVD's worth of images from the desktop to a CF card at 1.0? So using my laptop for transfers keeps me from going insane.

I'm not noticing any speed improvement, and I've had some programs randomly crash. I think I'm gonna pull out my Leopard discs tonight and downgrade back to that. At least this OS upgrade was only $29 instead of $129. I wonder if I can return it? Probably not.

All my lovely shiny toys are annoying me today. Except my iPhone. That's still happy. :)
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