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It was kind of chilly today

-15ºF when I left for work today. Yeah, it was cold.

We live in Minnesota. Deal with it!

I'm so tired of seeing "Oh, it's really cold out. Where's the Global Warming now?" posts & comments all over the internet. Grrrr.

A few cold days do not disprove the fact of global warming or climate change.
No conclusion about climate can ever be drawn from a single data point, hot or cold. If that was the case, the argument that "It's really cold now, global warming must not be real" would be totally negated by those July days where "It's really hot now. It must be global warming!"

Weather ≠ climate. The temperature of one place at one time is just weather, and says nothing about climate, much less climate change, much less global climate change. As WCCO's Chief Meteorologist Paul Douglas says, "Don't confuse weather with climate. Weather is a snapshot, climate is a long term trend."

Since the mid 1970s, global temperatures have been warming at around 0.2°C per decade. Over the last decade, daily record high temperatures occurred twice as often as record lows. This tendency towards hotter days is expected to increase as global warming continues into the 21st Century.

Climate change is real and a few below zero days don't change that.
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