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Well hi there...

Oh LJ. Poor neglected LJ. It seems like I never visit with you anymore. Don't worry. I still love you. Really I do.
If It wasn't so late at night I'd be telling you right now how totally awesome Chris Hardwick's show at Acme Comedy Co. was. I'd be busy gushing about how awesome he was when I met him afterwards. I'd be posting the picture of him with me & Moose. I'd be squeeing over the fact that I've got his contact info now. I'd be telling you that he calls himself Nerdist, but he can't be that much of a nerd because he doesn't have *any* swords. He's got bugs, lots of dead bugs. I think that makes him a geek, not a nerd.
Yes, I'd be sharing all this with you, my darling LJ. Because I still love you.
But it's really late at night so I'm going to go to bed instead.
Maybe tomorrow...
Tags: comedy, geek, nerdist, squee

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