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Comfort food...

I decided that lunch today needed to be comfort food at Panera, even if they are a little spendy. Mac & cheese and a grilled meat & cheese sandwich.

The Vikes lost yesterday. *sigh* Much like one of the early Vikings games this season where rather than "The Vikes won" I felt it was more accurate to say "The Vikes didn't lose" I feel that way about yesterday's game. The Saints didn't win, rather they just didn't lose. Yes, the Vikings had way too many turnovers and fumbles and interceptions, and the 12th man in the huddle was just plain stupid. But they also were apparently playing against the Saints and the refs. The Saints were allowed as much holding and pass interference as they wanted without ever getting called. The Vikings were penalized for interference on an uncatchable pass. And despite the argument that getting hit is the risk of being a quarterback, I really think New Orleans was trying to hurt Brett. All of the many many hits he took were after the ball was released and some of them were low.

But, it's over. The Vikings are done.
It was definitely a fun ride. This was the first year I really watched football and paid attention to everything and learned who the players were. By the end of the season you couldn't keep me from watching a game. And although we lost in the end and it sucked, over all it was a hell of a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to next season. And I really hope Favre doesn't retire yet.

I'm guessing it was the hours of adrenaline from watching that game that threw my system out of whack, but I just could not sleep last night. I think I finally fell asleep at about 4am, but never really got into a solid sleep. This has made for a very long day at work today. :( *sigh* As if Monday's weren't bad enough.
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