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Oh, I got an email about this from Eventful.

You put in a demand to get this movie, CA$H, to your city, and the top 5 cities get a free showing. I'm always up for a free movie! But the main reason you all should demand it is because I am greedy! You see, the in top 5 cities, in addition to getting the free screening, one person in each city will win $2500! I like money, and I really like free money. So you guys should go demand it too and maybe you'll win money and maybe I'll win money, and either way, it's minimal effort!

And hey, as long as you're at Eventful anyway, how about throwing some love toward Paul & Storm's W00tstock demand?

Demand w00tstock in Minneapolis!
w00tstock in Minneapolis - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Minneapolis events on Eventful
Tags: eventful, freebie, movie

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