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Haven't done one of these in a while!

Talking about tonight's show here under the cut. Spoilers. Duh.

~I don't think I ever remember anything on this show being so gross and disturbing that I literally both cringed and looked away before. *shudder*

~ So, do you think Sam & Dean will be taking advantage of the motel's Valentines Special?

~ Dean w/tie & drinking beer? I can haz now?

~ Unattached drifter Christmas? LOL!

~ Is our Dean growing up?

~ Uh oh. I'm betting pheremones, and Sam just got a whiff. :(

~ Agents Cliff & Marley? Which of the two is the reggae fan?

~ Angel marks? eek!

~ I'm totally amused that they contact an angel by cell phone.

~ Dude, Dean doesn't want to go trolling for women *and* he's not hungry? Not good!

~ Whoa. Is Cupid naked?

~ Awww. Poor clueless Cupid. Unless he's faking the crying.

~ If cupids run around naked, why can't Dean be cupid?

~ Twinkies & toilet brush? Ewww!

~ Sam can smell demons? That blood is some powerful stuff!

~ Famine is one ugly fucker!

~ Yeah, this is by far one of the grossest episodes we've had.

~ Oh no. People are overdosing on drugs. Sam's gonna be Jonesing for blood big time.

~ They couldn't have found a way to tie him up that was actually comfortable?

~ Also, wouldn't Sam have been trained on how to get out of handcuffs? Hell, I know how and I'm not a professional demon hunter!

~ LOL! Dean's not affected because he's already a slut!

~ D'oh! Of course the demons come to him.

~ Noooooooooo! Sammy!!!!!!!

~ Gross. I bet Misha just had a riot playing Cas in this ep.

~ Don't listen to him Dean!

~ OK Dean, this would be a good time to cut ugly old guy's finger off!

~ Oh neat. Fuck him up from the inside!

~ Dean's praying? Damn.

~ This was not a fluffy happy funny episode.

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