HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Last Friday was awesome!

On Thursday last week Mike posted that Sunspot was going to be playing at Kathy's Pub in Rochester on Friday. Super short notice because they had just been asked to play the day before. Well, Rochester is less than 2 hours from the Cities, so there was really only one appropriate response: Roadtrip!
I put the call out on LJ & Facebook, and I texted the usual suspects who I knew already loved Sunspot.
By Friday we had 7 of us who wanted to go down and a minivan that conveniently also seated 7.

We reached Rochester at about 8:30 and while looking for somewhere to eat we saw a restaurant called The Canadian Honker. How can you resist that? They had good food, and really good onion rings.

Tom & Rick's high school buddy Pete and his wife Paula came down to the restaurant to visit with us for a little while before they had to get home to the babysitter.

Sufficiently fueled up we headed further into town to find Kathy's Pub. We got there as the first band was finishing up loading out and Sunspot was setting up. After much greeting and hugging we settled in at the front tables while the band got ready to rock.

The music was as awesome as ever. They were alternating original songs and covers for most of the night. I think the bar had asked them to do covers as well as original stuff. Towards the end of the night though they started asking for requests and so they did more of their own stuff. Most of my favorites got played: Neanderthal, Tunguska, Heidegger Paradox, Mr. Foff. They'd mentioned on Facebook that they'd be doing a couple sets and would take requests so I made sure to mention that Wendy should bring her violin so I could request Pretend. We got an accoustic version of that right at the beginning of the third set. Yay! None of the folks who came down with me had heard that one before because they usually don't play it during short sets.

They probably played at least 3 hours worth of music and it was a great time. We got to spend some time talking to Mike, Wendy & Ben between the sets and after the show. They are always just so much fun and super awesome people.

We need to get our scientists to work inventing transporters so I can make it to more of the shows since they're always on the other side of Wisconsin!

I also had a Canon 5D Mark II with me to shoot with, but I honestly have not even had a chance to look at all the pictures yet. Hope I got some good ones!
Tags: music, roadtrip, sunspot

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